Deer, rédacteur–en-chef à Rennes… [T]old you it was “the weight”

ODIO AL INDIOa children’s book.

Cualquier parecido

Cualquier parecido.:.B4D5AE3E-042B-4ACE-B3FF-DDF94544F9D8 •|• Producciones El horizonte en asociación con Salma Hayek presenta: La coincidencia entre la concurrencia.

https ://www. tellerreport .com/news/2019-10-17—françois-hollande-will-sign-a-children-s-book-devoted-to-the-republic

... of course when France does it

… of course when France does it, it’s NOT an ACT, “de lesa humanidad”.:.7422AFEA-676B-45DF-9688-0C590FF6C9A2 •|• … when La France “does it” it’s because of the perceived WEIGHT of all les miserablessans–dents“, Le Point

with a Special Foreward to:


former U.S. Secretary of State, Susan Rice and her “very conservative son” by, José Mujica Cordano, Ex presidente de la República Oriental de Uruguay.

You took my CDI

You took my CDI job at C.E.A… in order to protect Institutionalized Corruption in France during The Years (2-each) of Mexico at Champs–Elysée. •|• Musical guest: Eddy Currents (actualizadas) featuring  “Got your fucking message”, kill me now.

Coming up: a message to Monsieur, YANNICK à le 11ème bureau de la Préfecture de Paris.

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