Trump re-election update, part Two…

It’s the weight, not the Munchies, stupid!

Dear, Editor–in–chief at the 11th office of Police Central in Paris, France, 75000 CEDEX

Please relax, Sir or Madame, enjoy not reading this most non-consequential entry as we explain to John Oliver what Ray Donovan season 7, episode 1, is about. It involves a four leaf clover, and Eye shits you knot, overweight issues on-the-job.

And öüï insist:

that we love to Digress

When it comes to the 2020 General Election, as long as Americans remain Young… and living in the Mickey Mouse Club, the mouseketeers will be turned into Cows, and will look to Mars to see if there’s life on The RED plot to beeTray Black Spy.

It’s the weight, not the Munchies, stupid!


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