The Circuit and The Current War – by Dr. Sleep

Dear, Pedro Panadero (Peter Baker):

liberty, liberty, — LIBERTY

The chickens of Malcolm X

The chickens of Malcolm X.:.E3028289-2E87-49CD-8D84-8FF53BB0FBB4 •|• American pride paid in cash, by the Russian mob. Oh, it’s morning in Russia, now.— Watch that Little space in “The Middle,” because the White House is about to say: FUCK THE THIRD BRANCH OF GOVERMENT (Judicial Branch).

With all due respect, Sir,
nevermind Mr. Matthews “panty raids”
and let’s hope that them MAGA republicans don’t go “streaking”;
anyway, Sir,
did you relay our message to
or did you send it the way of the current
Sec’y of State?

Bienvenida, Tijuana.

Bienvenida, Tijuana.:.DA04B383-E195-4800-8E35-35F190A08F21… Scum of the British Queen

Anyguey, for the record, Mr. Matthews, please be advised that we [the staff] began hinting at Mr. Marco Layera’s “closing of the Amigos de Mexico ranks” before the French Historia magazine posted their salute to Mr. Kissinger, which we [armando segovia/armando serrano prieto] warned you about it in 2016 from the Lafayette Commercial Center.

In Washington, D.C. abuse of Power is now a Legal Tactic at The White House.

The Paris Photo curator

The Paris Photo curator… is a fag, period

… [C]oming up on The Chuck Todd Republic, Ben Franklin’s idea for the National Bird: a Fucking Turkey. Oh, the Irony.

Helicopter Chuck

Helicopter Chuck.:.997553B8-21A4-447F-80F8-69740F43DDF0

… Oh, hey Hallie Jackson nice cover. Please relay to Chuckles that it was the Ali funeral that enraged Erdogân. Whomever blocked him from paying his respects to The Greatest shares a piece of David Ghuptta’s weekend dunkin’ doughnuts. Just sayn’.

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