Who’s on What? — Bed bugs

And in the role of Roman Polanski:

MARCO Rubio, U.S. politician, basically a TICK ; a blood sucker… un Chupa CABRAS

And in Washington, Cousin Joe is turning into Uncle Chris!!! The Poles are talking and he has been fly-swatted to run the NBC Archives, and guard against ugly Mexicans like “remarkables” like such as Sam Stein.

The sad part about the U.S. of Bank of America constitution, is that ESE papelito no lo escribieron en Cá•ña•mo, nope.

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The U.S. of A. Constitution and, its “mythic” « amendments » were type-set on toilet paper para el culo de Donald (presidente), Ivanka (daughter/lover) and, other assorted Trumps (pawns).

Coming up: los carros

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