Hoy no hubo MSNBC’s

Not to BEE outdone by Ms.Ruhle’s “Itsy-bitsy-TINY-polka dot Flamenco dress, the BFM’ers brought out the Big Polka. Take it Away TechniColOR.

it's high noon with Ms. Vasque

it’s high noon with Ms. Vasque, and some guy with pelos en su facia…. which cues in our favorite Ugly Mexican, Quentin Tarantino … Sam Stein, who wisely keeps a pelos-free facia. Come on Rick, let’s hear it For Sam. He looks like a four year old Tonka Truck.

Mean, while trump dreams of a truck (falling on him) from a GENES bridge in Italy, them ducking fucking BFM’ers officially End the 2019 Summer Extraverguenza.

B.J. gave us Satisfaction

B.J. gave us Satisfaction

Over at the Owner’s box, Donald Trump changes managers and brings in Distraction to finish-up the races. Alexi at Axios recognizes this pero, bueno, hoy no hubo msnbc’s… puros drum rolls for Alexi.

How'bout D.A.T., eh?

How’bout D.A.T., eh?

Eye is only sleeping and dreaming of porky crane…



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