Preposterous: contrary to reason or common sense

Police confiscating water from thirsty white people!!!


Ingrates… Paris water is the best ; the Prefecture at Cité on the other side of the Seine, THEM fuckers have some Kinks on their Matrix… them other feller’s out–of–uniform is undercover brothers.

preliminary reports relay that The WaWa Raid was because of the growing epidemic of calls to Arnold Scharzanegger complaining that They, stole the WaWa ; and that, They, stole the Land ; and that, They… you’ll get the Pixar®️, eventually.

… [D]e los cables: Fernando no es gerundio, dice la AFP. Armando P2 reporta.

Paris, Tejas _ Roberto es un robin jud indefinido, por las mañanas no sabe si sus instintos IRAN a ser bandidos de El Paso and rob the cantina or, Chuck Todd, if ese pinche rober even knows that a crime was committed.

anuncio: Touch Too Much

EYE SEA U Standing

EYE SEA U Standing

Another tree bit the SAWdust to light little Gustavito Up…. Rocket Queen follows:


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