Universal Service at a National Level They

Hola, pinches mexicanos gringos de KLAQ in El Paso… stand–by for Heartbreak, bring it.

They–They Day

They–They Day — C’mon Now, Ozzy dix it!

Or something like they.

Anyguey, in ROCK News…
Sección DD

deliverance and the bandit

deliverance and the bandit… and no, Tim apple, i don’t wish to install the fucking app.

Kiss ARMY busts melómanos y melománas en Nantes , and Corrosion of Conformity hits  paname for it ‘s its 25th anniversary.

Meanwhile, the wives of Robert Mueller and the government appointed lawyer of Donald Trump leave the boys in salad tossing mode and head over to Third Rock from The Sun to listen to George Constanza read their husband’s waste of Tax-dollar FONTS, in Chicago Style report.



In a most righteous turn of events, the Paul in the Band, a fucking STanley (of course)  tells The Simmons ghoul at the board to fuck–off and the Star calls for an Impeachment on The God of Thunder.

Sources close to CasaBlanca say that even Le Chat , was fed the fuck up with “the dragon’s” fascist ways, “his claim to patent in ‘Gene Simmos’ name what rightfully belongs to Ronnie James Dio, drew the lines on my cheeks.”

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