Not so fast, Gustavito…

The terrorists won.

You French people wanting to bee American T.S.A. goons.

You French people, –you…

Your All-metal Summer vacation has been C.O.C. blocked by the racketeers who installed a Krystal Klear wall to prevent the FREE MOTHERFUCKING flow of armando … of air.

Air, by–the–güey, is not a gerundio… and da’nookie is a hell of a Drug. Legalize prostitution… C.O.C. already loves chattons, skip the child support… let’s go Full Metal Jacket, bring ANDROID pussy to life.

So, without further’ADO: Eye Güanna Rok, but not tonite, because LCI is proposing that during a Canícula : peut–on refuser de travailler?… ja, ja, ja.

Not if you are this happy immigrant, of course:

french people have no reason

French people have no reason… Randy Newman dix it. Dear, French funny guy, thank you for saving me the neat line that you are kicking from… THEY STOLE OUR LINE.

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