Coming up: French bashing…

Con vientos enRafaleados.

Vamos a la playa, and the Army goes Rollin' Along

Vamos a la playa, and the Army goes Rollin’ Along.

We [the staff] asked and General Patton delivered.

Here comes the Sun!!!  Scratch that, Blondie, ya llegaron Los Chubascos de la Mancha!

Anygüey, Güili Gaist, öüï could not catch a bus between Pacy-sur-Eure and this place called Évrious… and this place called Évreux, and it was fine, in the 20 or so clicks along the N3 to get from one place to the other we [the staff] uncovered an ancient Camembert and its ailiens alien story, it goes like this:

Did you know that it was the very French who went ahead and dug–up The Atlantic just so they could export Camembert to Al Capone?… Did you know that in order to introduce Camembert to the « baby boomer » market in Arkansas, the very French first had to dig a big ol’trench; plan, develop, –and then– invent Atlantis, and landscape the fuck out of  the charco and, destroy Atlantis ; only for to have those other pesky civilizations that kept popping–out throughout the globe, —of course.

It's alright

It’s alright

My point Willie, is that the French went to the trouble of developing an entire underwater universe (Jacques Cousteau is the flag of that alianza) known as The Atlantic, only to be the first to fly a big Hot Air ballon across that big ol’pond, setting A RECORD of 136 hours, and Six minutes. Eye tell you, Siren, them French and the Double Eagles 2 of Miserey.



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