La Ruta — Dear, Willie Gueist:

Standby for sitrep:

Katy turns into a frog.

Katy turns into a frog.

With Bette Midler.

—– more —–

We now return to our regular programming:

— Standard: TBD ; it’s a work–in–progress.

— Risk Factor ; it’s not Mount Everest… it’s only Évreux, and they all drive Nissan’s on the N13.


Movin’On:.fe20ef77-ca47-4e34-94b2-1ec400c5943c •|•

Timetable: refer to RAYUELA ; in the meanwhile, Willy Geist: Eye‘ve got your satisfaction right here en la glorieta del Boulevard de “Los Perros Agradecidos”, an airdrop support group that is maneuvering just around La Glorieta del Escuadrón Uno–Cero–CINCO a la entrada de del Monte Évreux… pasandito M.I.S.E.R.e.Y..

Moving on

Moving on…


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