0800 hours ; June de Sixto, 2019 —

Con la novedad, Willie Geist, that the Calvados and most notably, the Normandía cows are a truly happy bunch. When EyE die, please move Hidalgo del Parral to this location.

Miss May-Ehem

Dear, Wuily Gaist;
How’s this for an ol’French Musky reference for the HASS Syndicate, eh?…
Behold, El Caballo Blanco de Napoléon, brought to you by Miss MAY-eHem…. in other News: Elvis is fighting the battle from Hawaii USA. Fucken Primadonna, that Elvis kid.

It’s Eight o’Clock in Caen and it is raining … scratch DAT, it is pouring (Sunshine) like Eye never seen it before. The route N13 on the way to Sergeants’ Time is blocked as a result…

Drop Point 45

Drop Point 45

Sam Stein is travlin’ with Blondie and they to the Northern Route, and will engage upon reaching CATZ, just before reaching the sands that lead to the designated point. We [the Oddball crew] took the Southern Western  route to Caen. We like engage the objective going UpHill.

What about a raise, eh?

How about a raise, eh?

TimeNow: HerouVille Saint–Claire, who öüí picked-up right from the stage of le Cabaret le petit bichou, or something like that.

“Let’s Go”

Objective Gold

Objective Gold.



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