Dear, Rev. Sharpton: behold, “the cadillac” (M1-A1) Swing

Did you know that it was the French (immigrants) who went ahead and invented American Music?

sin contexto

S.I.N. contexto ; canal 34, con el Toro de los Yndios de Merida…Hold’er now!!!

[The following must be read in a George C. Scott voice].

…[G]eneral Creighton Abrams was a hellUVAcat, which is why we named the tank after him. At first, and at the suggestion of master gunner Leblanc, we wanted to* just go ahead and baptize the fucker in fire as “elDorado” but…

Jarry El Sucio!!!!

Jarry El Sucio!!!!

Happening right now:
The Frisco Kid
opening act ; WAR
teloneros ; GWAR.

 In search of Steve Martin… with your host:

In search of Steve Martin


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