Coming Up on Miss JUIN 2019 — Bruce Vian plays the Horn of Emmanuel Willis

💥💥💥 Transliteration Pop-Quiz ;

Los ecos de Sciences Po

Los ecos de Sciences Po: AAAA369F-5855-407D-AE57-8E121EC54FF7 •|• elDorado follows.

Each squad will properly initiate Troop–Leading procedures and interpret —for the Monde(s) Diplomatique(s) del mundo de Le Monde, [Robert Mueller]— el concepto agropecuario (sin Azote [N]) mejor conocido en chilangolandia como San Salvador de Atenco, y en OHIO como “el lugar a un lado del charco » ; during the skirmish (should the Natives get restless), resort to Dr. Edith Heard, of France’s own “Community College*”, and ask the good scientist just WTF is all the BUZZZZ «dans la tête des chinois? » ; should time PERMIT, explain to The most disgusting “Camelot” of them all, Boston, how the French took it upon themselves to claim Robert F. Kennedy as one of their own on the Special Anniversary Edition of “Notre Histoire” par: Vincégetorix de Vermecellineaux, Chef rédacteur–at–Large. 💥💥💥

—– Moore —–

Dear, Chris Matthews (Sir):

Auto–gol in Sustitución de Importaciones makes it impossible to finish a god–damn Article for Andrés “Luis” Obrador… according to the London CNBC’s

For the record: let’s play hardball.

Come September, [öüï been told] the fines for smoking marihuana in Paname, regardless of ‘the’ parking meter lot (look it up) where pot enthusiasts might light-up to watch despicable Boston Stinky Socks games, will start at about $200 European Euros… It’s ah’gonna be cheaper to hit the Brownstone, Axl.



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