“Eye Love this G.A.M.E.” — https://youtube.com/watch?v=sKTa8XJzp4I

Ladies in Gemini, we [the staff] regret to inform all BATTLESTATIONS that, God –all–fucking–Mighty did not Hear, General Patton’s prayers.

If it ain’t Raining, Öüï ain’t TRAINING!!!

Who???? WHO, EyE ask? Which one of you motherfuckers wants to roll–out on a beautiful Parisian night, with the Sun still teasing, and … nevermind, roll–out to Omaha is postponed 24 hours, including minutes.


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Jazz à Juan:

Qué sigan los Puentes

Qué sigan los Puentes, Tito. “No te hagas”.

Dear, Siren(oh) à Paris; you (Sir) are wrong. This here, motherfucker 🙃 is what a Bi-National (League) Multi-Border-Plex Bridge looks like in pre-Election U.S.A/Russia 20/20… get your Jeepers checked; or, do you have Da’Fevah, —baby?

¡Que siga la bola‽

¡Sí!!! y del Paso, ¡qué baile la güera!!!

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