Monsieur, Le President François Hollande à BFM’er TV

En París, Francia (75006)
Son las Nueve del mañana.

VainVille and Urban Development OREOS

While Ewe were sleepin’… the Dep’t of VainVille and Urban Development OREOS has spoken. No New Biscuits!!!

Wait for it, S.V.P. wait.

In the mean time, while the world of Gordo* keeps going round, we [the original talents et compétences staff of January 29, of 2011] remind yo’Ass that, in effect motherfucker, we tried to bring humanity to the Year of Mexico in France; and when i, motherfucker, say or mention “We, the staff” it is because there are two Mexican Niggas all up in this Bitch, es decir pinche Flamby, i am talking about Armando Segovia, y el niño que acaba de cumplir OCHO años mejor maldecido como Armando Serrano–Prieto (así con “guiôcito » pa’que amarre con la pinche Cónsul Peyorativa de la delegación mexicana en la puta comisión Europea).

Au fil de l'eau

Au fil de l’eau… “vers le prestige et le divertissement”, with A new PAGE of history that won’t reach news stands in Paname today.

Across the Atlantic, the Foxes from vainville’s fair relay that Hicks at the White House have Hope that the Commo Bombshell does not, Oüï repeat, does not Trade in her “peanas” for peanuts.

La longevidad de las zorras

La longevidad de las zorras, and other assorted fauna on DeadLine.

Sinceramente, yours truly, bissus:
Yo’motherfucking Mexican Nigga in Paris, Bitch.

P.S.: Merci pour ce moment en Match; and Gordo, monsieur Le President is being brought to you by S.T.I.N.G. and the police. Fuck the Issy Police.

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