Question: Just what Kind of a Patriot is…

Welcome, to our pilot episode of:

Just what kind of a P.A.T.R.I.O.T. is: …
Our first perp our first ContestANT is:

Robert Mueller
H.I.S. fucking testimony.
Who is that motherfucker Loyal to?
The President*, Or’ the U.S. Constitution**

—– M.O.R.E. —–

Pub Slot.
The Jackie Chan Flying Kicks and Giggles Martial Arts Academy.

for the record

4 da’Record: this happened.

Issy, Venga Benga pour le Judo, stay for the Merengue lessons.


Who is former U.S. Special Counsel, Robert Mueller oath of office to? Is it to the Executive Branch of government? It sure the fuck looks like it. Fenster’s copyediting certainly points in that direction. So, our question to you, Amable público que no nos lee es:

¿Qué clase de servidor público es Robert Mueller? is he “THE” mexican V.I.R.G.I.lio?

Let’s ask, TeleMundo.

Still to come at the 14 hundred C.H.R.O.N.O. Tick mark: Twins. Starring «Schwarzy » and Quentin Tarantino. In German, so fuck you, unless you speak —shatzi.


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