Monsieur, Le President François Hollande — Segunda parte

Dear, Marianne,

For the record, we, [the staff] do not Cherry-pick the Blossoms, we just go all in on them ho’s, eh.

[You might recall the name, Raphaël Moran; Radio France Int’l/APRO]

Donc, let U.S. bend a motherfunKing corner, but not before re-establishing that it was you, monsieur Le President, who released the Kanye way before that motherfucker pretended to be more famous than ‘the’ Jezuz, or a Lardasshian prop.

Meanwhile at the Trocadero Plaza

Meanwhile at the Trocadero Plaza, it’s 50% off on bonshommes…. you might recall that this journey started out with a fayuca story that uncovered Louie Gommer’s “Aspersions on Eric Holder’s Asparagus”, and the fact that in 2005, many American products imported into Mexico, from say, El Paso, Texas, paid up to 100–300 percent in Tariffs (N.O.M)… unless of course it was Walmart doing the importing into the Mexico market. Walmart paid Shit in tariffs.  The fayuca business (black market) was/is the third world solution to the Welfare program called: Corporations are prople too”, mi Amigo.

Antes diga, señor ex presidente, Hollande, que no le miento a usted la madre, pero pues usted no es un hijo de la chingada, como su par mexicano, don Enrique Peña Nieto; a quien mandamos —por supuesto— un saludo.

—– m.o.r.e. —–

A Quién Corresponda… esto es una Santa, —digresión, with your Holy Host: Defendente Génolini.

Page 23, N° 2418; CnewsMatinPlusHoBO

Seventh Heaven

Hi, D.A.R.E. — « Au Septieme Ciel ”, page 6.

Sainte Emily de las foxes
La “I” de La Guardia…
Sainte Emily de las foxes
El “R.E.P.O. man de Ruptly
no cobre su quota con Bit Coin Chinoise.

—– more —–

Dear Brian Williams:

While you were praying for Ms. Rocah’s legal mind, the Russians are still using the “news ticker” to remind you that Whinnie Pooh holds more GOLD STD. chips for Donnie Deutsche’s “ALL–IN” strategy… next thing you know,  Neymar Jr. is going to play fútbol in at Park Avenue with Capital One.

… [T]he —– m.o.R.E. —– Ewe knew about THE WAR POWERS OF JOHN MEACHUM and Teddy’s Revenge: It’s The Eleventh Hour in the Brain of Brian à Babylon 2.

—– more AFTER MIDNITE follows —–


ARTICLE 3… o como en las BattleStations de Table XII: 

Fire–fire h.e.a.T.

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