Trave(r)sure[as] Viewed from East–2–West

rue Perrault, casi esquina con:

Mean, while Nicole's 7 year–old

Mean, while Nicole’s 7 year–old discovers the deeper shade of Wonder right in front of La llamada “Colonnade” de Paname, … [R]edacted.


… musical guest:
When a Pardon Arrives at 64
you make the best of

Bye-By: bees

Featuring, The Bye–By: Bees

Esto es una Bomba Yucateca
y no La Bamba Karateca,

Levallois is loosing its BEEs

Levallois is losing its BEEs, Monsieur Macron!!! Its BEES!!! Can EWE imagine Levallois Green Buses without its main actors on its Crest? ZOMBIE Bees produce SHIT!!! Shit, Mr. President.
Do you want Shit spread on them crêpes? Of course you don’t, it was a rhetorical Question, and This, NIÑO luc, T.H.I.S. is why Öüï Write… even if you wont read this most — motherfunking — inconsequential blog.

VOY que Llego YegEau

Festival de Cannes: Ce qu’on peut dire du film de Tarantino à chaud et sans spoiler

C'est Arrive un 21 MAI

C’est Arrive un 21 MAI: 4 stars out of Five

Mean, while “the” Rockefeller Center prepares Season 45, at Gnome Central on “their” Weekend Update, it appears that the Harvard G.N.O.M.E. is hearing weddin’ bells; Or’… hear me out Lorne: It’s a recurring Theme following the success relation between the Pete’s and the Gomez–es–ese of the season ender of Season 43. Fucking Gnomes have all the L.U.C.K., niño Luc.

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