The good thing about this most inconsequential blog is:

That them’Sirens don’t read Led Zeppelin in between them’Lines.

Hoy no hubo fip

Hoy no hubo fip. Hoy, al filo de las meras 14h05 en Central Siren Times no hubo Jazz para policias.

I Can’t Quit You, Baby…
ni con las genoux del hijo de Jodorowski.

Dear, Jorja Smith;
… [P]lease relay to the PH Factor Hardgrove that Signal from the Siren Den is inop. We [the staff] repeat, Signal from the Siren Den is inop…

When the music's over

It appears that, “the music” is now over, at least for this most inconsequential blog. Oh, The Humanity, —COUSIN Joe— the humanity.

in the mean time, while Donald Trump continues to dismantle the ‘AmeriW.A.S.P. Dream‘, elDorado takes a trip to Lille.

Lille? Does anybody remembers Lille?

Anyone? Anybody, Lille?


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