La influencia de la democracia en la Inteligencía Artificial* de los gringos de los Estados Unidos

Oh, Tuba

* … o la perspicacia, la agudeza, la VISIÓN; or the sharp judgement of Leonardo Messi para meter el gol #601.

“At a certain point [Leonardo] says it’s not impossible that in the future, water will cover the entire earth and, he says, that will be the end of humanity.”

Meanwhile in Washington D.C., Kasie ditched the C.O.A.T. and wrapped an O.L.D. favorite ‘mascada’ of the fans. The fans insist, “ditch cette mouchoir en soie!!!”. Take It Off, day say.

Y para muestra, la temporada 2019 de Los Ciclones Huracanados con “scattered” Texas style Tornados in Transylvania.

From India, to the Belle ‘Murican heartland: A.G.U.A.S.

Mean, while Donald Trump sucks the living soul of the Attorney General of the U.S. of A., in another corner of a rounded hill, a man from Tennessee confused a white Cock with a brave ceramic chicken, which was probably fetched from an “American Curios” souvenirs shop in at an Indian reservation smoke shop.

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Source: Democracy in America, Vol. ii (of 2).
Author: Alexis de Tocqueville
Translator: Henry Reeve (from French to ‘Murican)… the staff (from’Murican to Castellano norteño)
Character set en C.O.D.I.N.G.: ASCII


Original “memorialised” letter: March, 1840

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… [A]lors, dijo una Sirena.

Y ya todos han visto sin’siquiera ‘ojear’ el documento en cuestión, de cómo se las gasta el staff cuando ‘el’ Colbert Report brings out the Law and Order to the stage. Yet another clue. The real Stephen Colbert knows NOT TO TALK TO THE PIGS, Maaaan! And that is not the advice from the staff of this most inconsequential blog, na’man! That’s (just) Miles for you. It’s what a thesaurus handling host might call: The Acumen of the Land.

In any case and/or scenario

This here example of tenacity under bullshit is an excellent opportunity to highlight one of the many reasons why General Kasie Hunt was granted an exclusive Solo®️ carpool pass in on the ranking scale. Her abilities to think under pressure and ditch the conventional C.O.A.T. and go full-metal-Tee made her an I.D.E.A.L. candydate for the Pathfinder school, where she excelled in ambushing political animals in their natural habitat: The Halls of Justice.

Dear, Marianne: Yo
[armando segovia / armando serrano prieto]
no corro…
que [ell@s] me corran,
pues eso ya es otra

Legend at the Delta Force Academy “has it », that every time that General Kasie Hunt goes full-metal—Tee and morphs into Kasie Kerkuffle, an air-headed bimbo on the Fake news front Axis loses her ‘sujetador’.

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