O.K., but Heilemann must share the Weed, and Barnicle from his allowance. Additionally:

I wanna Jammin’ with jah!


Coffee is unavoidably included

Premim Coffee is unavoidably included as a round-the-clock employee benefit.

Pending the following contractual stipulations:

1. A Ten minute S.M.O.K.E. break between the news and the authorization to toke in the spur of the moment or when those damn Sirens beguine the begin.

2. The new hire will be provided with a high-speed cloned–Chris Matthews NBC News Archive Vault, and with the authorization to toke in the spur of the research. In ADDITION, Willie Guist will not trip, bitch or otherwise be all like “where is this content taking us?”; “What rabbit-hole is this heading to?”; and the Willie Guiest trademarked: MIKA would not approve.

…[A]nd “if the woman got S.O.U.L.”

Able to pre-Spar with guests for their interviews

Able to pre-Spar with guests for their interviews with Raquelito, which öüï now know that Legend Has It, D.A.T. during the Living Day Light (hours) she is really Mika’s Husband. Don’t worry, öüï can keep a S.E.C.R.E.T.

3. Anxiety, Blank Page Syndrome, DEADLINE fatigue and midnight hour stress is relieved through Más• Turbación. Get used to it, and get out of my personal space.

Hear mí out, Chuck Todd, because Eye know that you’ve probably heard of the Jon Stewart depiction of a very nakid’ Supreme court. And Eye know that Raquelito is a fan of justice’s Ginsburg Tumblr page. so… tada; VOILÀ TON CADEAU!!! Willie Geist:

Ba Dum Tss!

Ba Dum Tss!

4. Wait for it… wait.

Right now it is time for Mika’s favorite segment:
People born in May (in no particular order).

— 1463 (May, 03) en Florencia, Italia:
El Principito“.
— 1948 (May, 27) en La República de Yucatán:
Dr. Zwignew Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “best pal,” el doctor Alfredo Jalife–Rahme
— 1889 (May, 6) en París, Francia, nace la hija más famosa de Gustavo Eiffel (el Mundo la nombra Torre).
— KARL MARX (May, 5) en Prussia: 1818.

— John F. Kennedy, Clint Eastwood, Lenny Kravitz, THE PILL* USA version (which prevented PEOPLE from arriving to the world nine months later), The Rock, André The Giant and of course: Willie Geist; without forgetting Sigmud “motherfucking” Frued.

—– more —–

¿Por qué Alfredo Jalife está causando tanto revuelo en redes?


3 de mayo de 1469. Nicolás Maquiavelo, quien revolucionó el pensamiento político, nace en Florencia

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