Check this shit out — BITCH EYE am A BÜS!!!

Thank you Jésus!

Vu Au FIESTA GRÁFICA:FE494260-917F-479F-960A-7D9940CACCFC •|•  “Made the bus in seconds flat. »… Amigo Francisco, yo, tu amigo armando segovia, sé que tú (licenciado) te róbaste la moto de la doctora. Sé tambíen que tu conecte COLOMBIANO, en la AFP, inundó el baño de la susodicha para prevenir que yo, tu amigo  armando segovia, asistiera a la Ceremonía del 14 de julio del Año de ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO en La Bastilla. Gracias por tu “interés”, amigo.

Swgbe and Pako take a bus ride. Pako is driving and all the lights are green.


La misericordía de La Jungla y lo absurdo de La Guerra.

Hola Siren News, guess what?

Line 72 à Pte de Saint–Cloud
pushed a LITTLE
right in front of
The Obelisk à Concordía,
this happened last night.
Today it becomes a
“NIGHT BEFORE” anecdote.

The War at the Korean Peninsula is no longer an EXERCISE, right now it’s full-on and on a diferent field. It’s a war theater called the Putin Consciouness Assault on The Globe.

Anyway FIP, thanks for reading our post before we post’em.

Keep ignoring MÍ:4D7A9083-5A47-4284-AE41-190E93A4FE75 •|• and give my regards to RAPHAËL at RFI

… and oh, by-the-way, Donald Trump, we [the staff always knew and] can now know and show that you, motherfucker, used our blog as a template for your “off-script” pandering of the American Idiots.

We also know that in your reference to PARIS and SAN BERNARDINO you —silver spoon fed son of a entitled WHORE— were actually referring to my blog. It’s a damn shame that Buzzfeed and Morning Joe took it upon themselves to create a PARALLEL source of the absurd, and the political show that was BREWING and that John Heilemann called, “The Circus”. 

Keep looking at the “little bird”, Cousin Joe. Don’t pay any attention to the next level warfare, which is already in progress. Quick note for yo’Dumb Country Lawyer ass, can you now see how the word progress can be sketched to mean the advancement of destruction, as in THE DESTRUCTION OF the Western World?

¿O Quieres que María Teresa te guise un pinche Huevo, Joe?

It is now Sunday, February 31st of 2019 and the time now is 10.20 in Central NATO TIMES and it is now the final day of Black History month on MY MOTHERFUNKING BLOG.


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