Eye heard the News [today’Sterday] Oh Boy!

When the music is over.

When the music is over:8105796A-000E-4FA0-BA2C-63CD7758F243 •—_!_—• BLOW Me. 

And thought though the News were in Cyrillic, all Eye had to do was Think like Mika’s cat, a Sweede called: MeatBalls.

Golden Parachutes and Networking 101:358F3455-2EFE-4F9F-A3C3-16A31A5CE164

Dear, Susan del Percio, i hope that you don’t mind that our Staff compresses la verguiza —anteriormente prometida— into yet, another nugget that we bet that is going to merge WALL ST., right into The Fleecing of U.S., by the big companies PRIVATE HELICOPTER POOL LANES in the Sky.


BOSTONIANS… they will ruin a Generation.

Just look at this pretty baby in SPECTACLES… EYE know where you went to KinderGarten, Matt Damon. And EYE am going to paint your Big–ol’Glasses into:


Agente Secreto RSA_ONE IN one-million-ONE-HUNDRED-THOUSAND:9B3CAB93-B0CF-4589-B52E-D100F15D2B2E… INFILTRADO.

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