Oh, hey Hallie Jackson…

Congratulations! Shutdown Expert. Impressive.

It’s 4.20 in more ways than one
here in Central NATO Times.


So What, follows in the key of: Eye can see (you put your pants on) for Miles and miles.

Next week at The Olympia with Your Host, Jupiter:
Heroes del Silencio.
Entre dos tierras, y no dejas aïgre… or something like that.

—Boy, eye tell you, Hallie, they’re letting everybody out… Zat you, Rodney? When did you get out of The Box?

—Boy, eye tell you, first Ewe Swallow the Citizen United decision and now Foreign Private Enterprises can be NATIONS‽

Coming up after the YoJo diet Turkey break is B&B at the 3–bee’s. It’s Bed and Breakfast Bitches!!!
Where’s the brew?

—Sorry, Sam, but Joe’s got the morning off.

Breaking the NEWS:

Go ahead, Fuck Him.
He’s got the star power.
But, por el Amor del Chuco
don’t vote Sanders into Office.
Bill Sanders, Hallie, that’s where the Mystery lies.

After the break.
Geico is recruiting Camel Toes on Mom Pants for their New Campaign!!!
Extra – Extra!!!
Camel toes wanted for Geico Campaign commercials.

Little lizard says that Geico camel toe comercials will run in 2020.

Wait, scratch that last news break… it’s 20–20 screenings, not 2020, that’s a different Ad campaign.

But First: Supersonic version of how I learned to Love the Ultrasonic and Melodramatic Russian Bomb. With your HOST: Donald Trump.

Musical Guest: Peter Frampton… Show me The Güey

Oüî, FM. Show me the Sincgars. DEAR, Chris Matthews. How’s that Turkey digesting “on your neck of the woods?” Let U.S. [the staff] tell you about a BET you don’t know, — DAT— is going on… A €20 milkshake that RUSSIA finances López Obrador’s chu–CHOO—Train. The Concurrence is betting that CHINA is going to take it. A €20 Milkshake, Chris. Vanilla, in case you can’t stomach a Mango.

Up next:

The Motherfucking MELVINS.
From here, we switch it over to the Five ‘clocks in Central NATO’s Times.S

Teloneros: The Knickerbockers.

Venue: The Texas Tribune.

TimeStamp: Veinte para las Seis, you turkey —Ewe.

The Whole Wide World (Unpeeled)
Source: the big pink Elephant at RCA. Dijo a “government source” close to motherfucking MCA.

It’s 18.00 in Central Siren so what Times.

En Contexto para Hallie Jackson:

En México, Hallie Jackson, el perro por lo regular es visto peor, —pero mucho peor— Hallie Jackson, que Judas en tempoada de Semana Santa, o incluso que Diogenes en las academias, verda’de dios que sí, Hallie Jackson. Mientras que el felinus catus, o gato doméstico, es relegado por el México de las supuestas tres transFORMERciones, —ya supuestamente pasadas— para ocupar el rol de las Criadas bien Criadas de los ejecutivos que laboraron en los Estudios Churubusco, y/o de Televisa.

Que alguien te acuse a ti de gatopardismo en La Polaka, Hallie Jackson, eso es lo peor que le puede pasar a tu CV, indeed me–cae a madre que sí.

En fin, ser un can sin Mexi por delante en Mexico, es lo peor.

[UNDERDOG picture goes right below these set of brackets].

Y sin embargo, Hallie Jackson, ser felina en México, sin ser Felina, —from that west Texas town of El Paso— no te da empuje mas que para ser una simple “gata bajo la lluvia”, decía, GRABIEL, mi querido Juan.

TimeStamp: oh, Zero hours and Twenty rocios de media noche.

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