It’s High–Noon at the Forum’s Underground Squat

In París, Chappie and Yellow Jacket were about to get scanned, tagged and treated to the infamous Mohammed bin Salam slashers and then sent over* to the spare parts bin, as the Piolines®️del Glove Compartment closed in on our Freejack heros.

Emilio Estevez, in the role of DJ Nu and his brat–pack bro, Pomo, playing the role of  Michael Anthony Hall… or some Dead Zone thespian from the Ridgemont High Universe sprayed the Piolines right on target and, with the right purple hue to cover the Yellow ‘rouges’ who in their Third Saturday Night Live, scored their third frenchperson CASUALTY * at one of France’s VINCI’s Via–Carita, which in PIGS Latin is CODA for Expensive Peaje, pues…

Anygüey, Jupiter is back from La Milonga, and right now, he and the Versailles League are having a meeting in the French War Room, which is appropriately refered to by the Frogs, as The Love Shack.

Wait, MARCELLO, wait.
Ewe just can Get Quinn out of a Box, baby…
ISSY, “Como el Viejo decía”… si los pedos se arreglarán facilmente, cualquiera los arreglaría.
A lo que Zimmerman respondío:
ISSY, si los perros corren libres, por que los Civics, no?

And Now:
El Son de las TRES DE LA TARDE
Wait for it, wait.


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