How to muster up a Circus… a paper circus, of course.

Being for The Benefit of Mr. Kite, Ladies in Gemeni,
the following is a Public Service Announcement
brought to Ewe all, by none other than the League, Ladies in Gemeni,
of Distinguished Tankers of America.

The following, Ladies in Gemeni, is an intermission in lieu of the 4.20 break.
Please accept our apologies, but, –there’s always that but– eh?
Chappie and Yellow Jacket just found out that the Motorcycle parts store in this sector where they have been sucke into was ransacked by Los Piolines® that took the color Yellow, their host, hostage.

TimeStamp: 17 hundred hours in Fire-Fire-Sabot time.
Out of the CANNONBALL blast shoots out The Magnificent Adderly
and, Ladies in Gentleman he lands in a Ring not built on Fire,
but a Ring, teeming with Sidewinders.

Now, Ladies in Gemeni,
after you make your generous contribution to our concessions stand,
“and top the bill”
be sure to hurry back to your PALCOS en chinga
because the Band begins preping for the Jazz segment at Ten to Six…
and yes Ladies in Gemeni,
that’s “When Mr. K begins to perform « his » tricks without a sound”.

Una representación du Le Cirque de Hiver, que acaba de cerrar su tercera entrega de Los Piolines®️ una producción embobinada, `pos por quién más pariente, que no sea el pinche Bobino? .

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