Fish Fraud with Bill Maher … y las conchas de Vicente Fox

Ladies in Gemeni, welcome to our Pilot Edition of Bilingual Jeopardy, the show where anagrams, palindromes, maxims and metaphors are deciphered for a Stupid American audience who still believes that America (sin acento) is the center of the known Universe, or that the Mexican Hass avocado industry is in par with the “blood diamonds” market of a place called Africa… or something like that.

Context follows.

Bilingual Jeopardy is brought to you by the
Vicente Fox (Ltd.)
‘Warm and Fuzzy’ Ugg Boots…
Because as Bill Maher says,
“If you wanna feel a warm and fuzzy feeling during the Trump Administration, then just stick your dick in them”.
Ugg®️ Boots, they are made from
Ewes, —just like You.

and still to come:

… en las milongas La Concha es otra cosa, and Mika on the MorjoShow has the Morning off.

“It’s just a metaphor”. The show where no Kings, or corrupt presidents, like say, Donald Trump… por decir, are never harmed during the taping of the show.

On the next episode of “It’s just a metaphor”, Adam ruins el guacamole, and Bill Maher thinks that everyone who watches the Superbowl can afford a Kilo of “blood diamonds”.

In The Mean Time
It’s 10 to Five
on The Pink Panther’s Penthouse
as Colored by St. Germain,
or Henry Mancini
on a RockSteady Beat

ISSY… forget about Jesús “el carpintero”, porque como dice Mario Gutiérrez Vega en el 88.1 de FM en la CDMX: en aguas revueltas…  las bancas ahora caerán en las redes de Chuy “el pescador”; o algo así, Amén.

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