D’ya want it Darker… Music to be murdered by at 18:20 in CET

Issy… interesting proposition from the acetate registers at _les–Moulineaux, in the voice of an old TV voice.

Are you engaged in watching murder (on TV) than on actually engaging in it, o sea, Corazón, as in committing it yourself?

… or something like that.

So, a non–reader [of this most inconsequential blog] asks: if a person is diagnosed with multiple personalities disorder (or something like that) and if S/he takes their own life… is it still considered a suicide?… THE SIRENS ANSWER: only if it’s in the Same Vein of “let’s do it again” on the Shaolin Soul ep. 4, because they say: “I rather F.U.C.K. Ewe”… or something like that! TimeNow: 19h16 in Siren Central Time… with that in the noggin, the question to ponder is how Ewe’d like your Your brains Fucked off, eh?

Up next,
in Siren Central Time—La Hora Cuchi-cuchi
con Beto ‘el boticario’
What’s your Poi s son

Zeppelin goes here.
18h39 75000 CEDEX
A la BOCA no llega México…
check da’ groovE, Ya’all.

… comienza por LA BOCA, y luego lo que será, será.


ISSY, esto fue un INTERMEDIO.


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