Releve Mensuel des Interpellations

ISSY… the good thing about this blog is that there is no National Public Radio in France.

Please stand–by for context with a Jazz Jam Track back-up in the Key of A.

Dear, Rev. Al Sharpton, please forward the following to your Network affiliates, Bill Maher—in reel time; and of course the gang at The Morjo Show…. TimeStamp: Gospel Trane in the Key of  Alice Coltrane in Central Siren Time, Siete para las Ocho en Central Siren Time

… full disclosure, Malagueña, please be advised that no cucarachas were harmed in the making of this entry, we repeat: ninguna cucaracha fue herida para la elaboración for this post, eh… y para el record, son las Seis y Media en Central NATO Time.

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