Cuando vuelva a tu lado — What a difference a day Makes (part 2)

… still to come:
Ayotzinapa para Espontaneos,
but first, we reach out to an
« Old Friend ».

Dear, Raphaël Moran at Radio Francia Internacional, while Ewe —as a chaperoned correspondent of Mexican political magazine “proceso”—were busy asking the next president of The Mexican United States if he, Andrés Manuel LÓPEZ OBRADOR “had any friends in France”, we [The STAFF] were busy asking Quetzal, Sergio, Berenice, and the rest of the founding members of Morena–Francia, except doña « voz de pito » Georgina Moreno, if they knew who the gentleman* next to a star-struck picture-taking bleached blonde** (inside the Latin American House, in the heart of Saint Germain–des–Pres) was…

* Lic. Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa
(probably his wife).

Oye, Morena… Falta Una para Las Tres, eh!

full disclosure, Raphaël’ we [the staff] knew who that gentleman was and what his “day job” was, we just wanted to gauge the level of “CHAMAQUEADAS” that the good founding fellows from Morena–Francia were willing to rise to.

I, (o sea, bola de putos, YO, Armando Segovia, in the role of Catalonio Barcelonneto de Peralvillo, was only trolling the now distinguished “grillos” of the next political force in Mexican politics for the sake of pulling their pretty little faux “frog legs,” on account that we [the staff] know how in “their own” transparent way (Morena–Francia / Asociación Gilberto Bosques París) has always Closed Ranks, Sent False Flares, and acted like real Royal Peacocks when challenged with a fair open question.

TimeStamp: i paid the tab for my Sins…
on Central Siren Time.

… a fílerazos por el hueso de la Rectoría en la Ciudad más pacífica de ¡MÉXICO!!! — ¡YUPPiiiiiii!!!

Now, Ralphie, before we [the staff] continue we thought it fair and “Move It On Over” MGM Records (78 rpm) 1947 in the voice of Hank Williams and introduce you to “La Sombra de Letras (periodismo)” desde Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. ¿Porqué? pues, porque chingados no ¿eh?.

Lujo y Hambre en La UACJ

Frequency Hop

TimeStamp: You’re NOT good ENOUGH
in a Motel Show… or something like that

… now, Baby… Ewe Know — That WE [the staff] Have Da Funk, eh! Even, Vicky Have Da’ Funk. }–—-~~~\*>  The following, Ladies in Gemeni, is a Public Service Announcement: B.C.E. is short for Before Central Europe.

… TimeStamp: La Canicula de las 4H20 in Central Siren Time… si coje (Sol) beba.

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