… bajita la mano, Sirenas–esto es un InterMedio

Con ECO y toda la cosa, eh! Hit the re–Verb!

Marshall Bass is in da_House

Coming attractions: Where are Ewe?

snapshot follows… dedicado a La pinche Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVoss, and oh Hallie Jackson, next time that you get the target of Opportunity, please relay to that CUNT, that her fucking BlackWater thug baby brother,— that He too, can go Fuck himself… sinceramente, armando segovia, aquí, bola de putos —¡no existe la anonimanidad!

1971… fuck the smashing pumpkins, and 1979. Say there, Secretary, are Ewe a “full Bush” believer, or is Ewer style more like a Hitler ‘stache, eh?

Here eye–Yam! i’m Popeye The Sailor Man, eh!

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