Año de Hidalgo — Soul Sacrifice

… we now return to our, original programming:

Los Explotados… PUNK IS NOT DEAD! }—-~~~\*>  Foto y rayadas por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018.  CopyLeft… and yes Gustavo, esto es un uso justo de la vía pública y las vías de la publicidad.

but first, in an effort to keep all Media Matters transparent, the International Commission on Cross Media Tangents requires that all independent content providers follow up on the softball questions that the Big Fish’s in the corporate cycle might overlook… this is why Bernie Sanders was pushed out of the 2016 race; so DEAR BILL MAHER, do consider the
following, as a Public Service Announcement
In Real TIME for the producers in your show. Either they are way too involved in the Silver Lake hipster scene, or up Bill Sanders ass.
anygüey, “Memo”, besos y abrazos de nuestro staff.


[Attention prospecting editors at BrUTEP Hall:
We the staff, in no way are supporting Senator Ted Cruz for another term in the Senate… we [the staff] believe that Professor Zita Arrocha at UTEP wont let us lie on this… and Alicia Caldwell at the AP knows damn well that we [the staff] wont let any stone unturned; because metaphorically speaking, our abuelitos “los braceros” thought us that this is how you can tell if rain or drought is on the way… Remember las lomas y David Romo, que no se te olvide el 2do Barrio.

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