Hypertunneling en el “Año de Hidalgo*” — with scattered Philippe’s…

… with scattered Philippe’s on the Cross Media Tangents, en la semana que aquí se Labró:

« A week scattered among several subjects. If we review them, we realize that they have a common point ».

TimeStamp: it’s the Actual 11th hour on Le Foux Du Fafa on fip time.

Phillipe Labro
Edición Nº 2227
“La Semaine de Philippe Labro”

* Attention, Brontis à La Préfecture, Attention, Attention—Attention. When we [the staff] make a reference to Hidalgo in this particular posting, for Friday, March 16th of 2018, we are not invoking the name of perhaps one of the most awesome Metropolitan city mayors in the world. Nope… so lets get that out of the way right from the get-go.

El Cura… context follows. Wait for it—Wait.

Context… si Las Sirenas nos lo permiten más al rato desde La Biblioteca del Ayuntamiento de París, porque hoy hay bullirengue en ese lugar a partir de las 20h, en fip—Time.

Stick around, context on El Año de Hidalgo en México, starring Alejandro Trebek en el rol de Gael García Bernal, follows—fellas.


The last revolutionary

Part Two:

So, Brontis, when we [the staff] mention Hidalgo, we are doing so in the Cross Media context of 2018 of the Year of Hidalgo in Mexico and of 2015 of the Year of Mexico in France.

“Sources” from L’Obs… should follow.

[Man’s voice
Alex Trebek en el Rol de Gael García Bernal]

—Welcome, to another Lightning edition of Latin American Jeopardy from the Seine, I am your host, Alejandro Trebek, and today’s contestants are: a linguist, cognitive scientist and expert in the things that do not happen in Mexico; like say, Justice, Institutional Accountability, and all of the good things that go with a fair wage, lets welcome professor Noam Chomsky.

Also, from the sidelines of the Organización de Estados Americanos, conocido entre literatos como el “Gran Pastor Alemán del Imperio,” y autor de La Aristocracia Perfecta… perdón, autor de frase “La Dictadura Perfecta,” y Premio Nobel de literatura: Mario Vargas Llosa.

And for our viewers in Switzerland, like a cherry on top of this Pie of Trivialidades, please give a hand to our current record holder for most missed responses – our biggest loser Armando Álvarez, in the role of U.S. Air Patrol member, Major Clown Penis.

… but first a word from our non-sponsors:


… well, No Surprises, there. OK Computadora }—~~~\*> Uso justo de todos los Radioheads at 16h57 on Issy-Les-Moulineaux time.

Alejandro Trebek:

Tell us Armando; how ever did you get into the United States Air Force? Let alone score a kick-ass fighter pilot certification for your DD-214?

[Man’s voice
Will Farrel in the role of Clown Penis]

Uh… that’s Major Clown Penis, for you, Alejandro. And I scored the contact of a General in Ramstein Air Base thanks to my uncle Tibey Quinn. One of his golfing buddies owed him a favor from way back in the 1990’s.

Alejandro Trebek:

What kind of favor; Armando? Or is it “Privileged information”?

Will Farrel:

No, not all all, Alejandro. My uncle spared the life of a miserable bastard who dared sacked his wife in the late eighties; perhaps you’ve heard of of him.

Alejandro Trebek:

¿Tu crees?

Will Farrel:

Maybe, I mean the guy was rather famous until Christian Bale started to look better sporting an old horseback uniform. His last name is Costner.

Alejandro Trebek:

Let me check with the control room on that….

Alejandro touches his earpiece and asks:

Have we heared of this Costner fellow?

Ah, I see… no Armando, we’ve never heard of that guy.

Anygüey… for 500 dollars; let’s begin the contest with the category:


Context on Gael’s appeal in Suiza… follows fellas.

Alejandro Trebek:

We’ve already established that there is “No God In Mexico—ain’t no way to understand…” dijo una vez, Waylon Jennings, but can you name the reason for why every six years in la tierra del Tequila y del Nopal, people in “The Know” call it: ¿El AÑO DE HIDALGO?

The process… first draft.

[Will Farrel hits the buzzer first
hillarity ensues]


TimeStamp: 2100 in Siren time… Lamine Cissokho and a bass player, if the staff heard right, his name is Janick Vera, we’ll double check with Valerie or Auréli at Opus 64…

Las Fuentes de Frida:

Frida’s context follows


Context follows.

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