Hamburgers in Paradise — Revisited.

It’s probably way too soon to dig into this episode.

image courtesy of Msnbc

How did the “Latino” counsel of MARCELO EBRAD worked out for your campaign? -—_- Uso justo de las memorias de Hillary R. Clinton, en el 2016.

By Gum, it’s not even a year since the “Pimpinela” style debate, but if i am not mistaken, it was during this particular week when Rachel Maddow gave thanks to whom ever she preaches to, for having a place to excersice her passion and not having to keep Her Significant Other, up at 0300 hrs.


Ahhh yes, at the time we [the staff] kept our rabbit ears pointed towards AGUASCALIENTES TV, weeks before the Presidential debate the gossip and entertainment feeders on that State Runned network propagated the return of the 1980’s Argentinean divorce and adultry themes sensation “Pimpinela“… when Hillary & Trump got on that Oct, 9th stage it was as if they had stolen the “family court style operetta” moves from the South American philandiring duo…

Yes, we have those episodes fresh on the backburner of our mind, and given the means and resources available, plus the threshold tolerance from our significant partner in life at the time, we [the staff] told ourselves that we could only dream of such magnificent set up. Like the one Rachel has.

We remember, oh yes we do. We remember.

Context Follows.

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