Ozzy deserves Restitution — Part III

Nope, Cousin Joe, he did not live up to the expectations you set for him on yesterday’s edition of The MorJo Show; nope—nope he didn’t… ↓↓↓

COPYleft… What more could be said? What more could be reported on the presidency of CONtradictions… One of the biggest hits of president Trump discourse is that he (and his emporium) don’t like losers and there he was, in the middle of a crowd that celebrates the losing side of the original ‘nativists’, pretending that he gives a damn about them “Okies from Muskogee” [1] , if General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis (a lover of History) would whisper into the ear of that Jack Ass sporting the Seal of The President of The United States of America, that if the South had won, there could have been a significant chance that Dixie would have been “cut and remastered” to meet the taste of the Bonapartists in France. And that, Donald John Trump is the history that in an “Alternative Universe” [perhaps on an episode of the Twilight Zone] would be a legit cause, because in this Our Time Line of current events, your Phoenix script was nothing more than a POLITICAL CON… and we [the staff] are not screaming with all-caps; we’re just emphasizing for context… Y de paso, Cousin Joe: Que Chingue a Su Madre Joe Arpaio y El PUTO que le otorgue un indulto presidencial. 

It appears that even after Bannon left the Building and headed straight to the shithouse at Biritebart Breitbart HQ’s, this president of ours is going to opt for the “Wrasli’n / Figure 8 / Rodeo Clown” approach to governing.

When we return, a rather Ironic touch to Merle Haggard’s “Okie from Muskogee”, sang of course —with a Brian Williams voice:

Oh, the Irony of the first line [2] in this rendition of The Working Man… and then Willie, (a personal hero of –the staff– walks out on stage)… probably stoned, too.

[2] https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n4AgZST_TG8

One thing’s for sure Cousin Joe, “White Lightening” and a Jim Crow era syllabus from the State of Texas and Mississippi remain the most “thrilling” part of a Donald Trump ‘nativist’ camp fire in the former jurisdiction of a bigoted sheriff, called Joe Arpaio.

Context for Jon Meachum follows:

En fin, Jon Meachum, i wonder —what the odds are? And doesn’t the headline above [like an Onion] command the tears right out of those chilled-out gringo on vacation eyes of yours? Please laugh, because it’s supposed to be   compliment, i mean, slap a pair of Wayfarers in that mug of yours and the people where Spring Breakers, or Jimmy (Hey! Ha’bout them Burgers in Paradise?) Buffett fans dare not spend a pre packaged holiday dime, i swear, they would not question you if you told them that you are the leader of one of’em hip jazz ensembles bands… or some hip enterprise shit like that.

I hope Raul Malo and his Mavericks ensemble don’t read this the wrong way…

Anyhow, Mr. Meachum, i wanted to end this segment, which dealt with a very simple proposition in favor of a personal hero of mine:

that given today’s context about symbols of segregation and hate, Ozzy Osbourne [one-each] deserves a little retribution —Fuck Satisfaction— for that little misdemeanor of public intoxication and —of Drunk History in the making— that got him banned from San Anto

It’s as if by deliverance (God Bless His Wicked Soul) Ozzy Osbourne was commanded to go ahead and piss on that fucking symbol of segregation, land grab, slavery and Hate… Who else was going to be commanded or called upon to relieve himself: that pinche-pansy Joe -fucking- Elliott from Def Leppard? We don’t pinche think so, he was to busy being a populist prick —making all of the “wrong turns”— in Al’bhu-keyr-kee (Albuquerque, New Mexico… Shout out to Mel Blanc!).

So for that faithful piss in 1982, Ozzy deserves por lo menos—Un Pinche Aplauso… ¡RAFA!!! DILE A BROZO que le mande un saludo a Ozzy Osburne.

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