today’s menu: It’s Weekend Edition

Image capture courtesy of Larry de La O’s vacation block.

… anygüey, Joy, last week i dropped by our American Consulate on Gabriel St., yup; the same one that starts where The Automobile Club at La Concorde ends. I’d give you a specific Date, but then i’d have to ask for your Number*.

* Disclosure: the opinions expressed within this Menu are to be taken with a grain of salt and some “literary liberties sause‘ sauce”… Mrs. JoyAnn Reid is a married women and a respectable member of the American press.

I must have spent at least 15 minutes inside of the waiting area and another 15 at the Emergency Services booth, i also took a dump at the john facilities there and i used the opportunity to rinse/wash/dry my armpits, for you know (or at least now you know) Freestyle hoboing is a LIVE engagement; just like streaming on the Webs, you take ’em where you find’em…

Uso Justo de todos los medios… Uso justo de JoyAnn Reid y ‘Los’ MSNBC’s

Anyway, Joy, guess what, long story short There Is No —i Repeat— There Is NO visible Donald Trump Official Picture in sight inside the Consulate… and that, somehow made me feel good; there is however a live CNN ticker feed. Hey, something is better than a Fox Feed, right?

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