Nahhhh! You 4-real, Joy?

… you—be into esoteric governing now? Uhmmmm—what does Ms. Maddow have to say about this triangulation you be teasing your followers with?

Ohhh—the humanity.

I would whole heartedly argue that in the 2016 Election there was supposed to be one voice of reason in the ‘medias’ and, —Ms. Reid— that voice was supposed to have been the network that you work for; but then again, the “I’m With Her” express was way more lucrative for your bosses than the plain ol’ common sense Bernie Sanders ticket… and now you seem to shape-shift (jejeje) into the “Secrets in Plain Sight” and ‘THE’ Temple of Syrinx conspiracy beat.

A gift for you, Tulipán… “Mirror-mirror on the wall, what is the reverse key to your vault?

Anygüey, say hello to Chris Mathews*

… but really, JoyAnn, couldn’t we just talk about the things that are really important  in life, such as Football, the real one and not the hand-held version enjoyed by the sheeple in the United States?… PAN Y CIRCO —my Dear Joy— PAN Y CIRCO… you’ve got to look beyond the Front-page.

* All of the above must be read in a Brian Williams voice.

… and now: The Emerald (Salon) Tablet files:


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