The Exception to The Rule – GODWIN’s Law in Real Time

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Context on a developing racist regime continues to follow.

Good morning, it’s Tuesday, August 15th 2017 and in France, —a Central Europe Region— that still remembers a thing or two about the repercussions of ‘regime’ leaders who either support and/OR PUSSYFOOT their way around Denouncing and Condemning the Nazi cause or its ideals on the SPOT— it’s Sweet Mother Mary’s gets a VIP pass into Heaven’s Day.

Nope, this time around the escalation regarding the political discourse and the ‘democratically’ elected 45th President of the United States —Donald J. Trump— is not an exaggeration, “it’s just the facts, Ma’am”. He truly resembles France’s dance with a guy named ‘Vichy’. —_— Fair use of contemporary media, invoked  in order to measure up the parallels between the beginnings of last century’s Nazi Party, and today’s VERSION of Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party… “You’ve Come a long way in Virginia, Slim.

Yes indeed—Yes indeed, It’s another 4-day National Holiday on the calendar for most employees in France.

Dear Cousin Joe, if you’re reading, be advised that the staff needs a new iPhone… [Copy?]… Say hello to the WaPo crew, and pass  our regards to the baby buzzfeeds… SOPITAS . Com context follows.

Technical difficulties and a petty theft episode of our ‘rather outdated’ iPhone prevented [the staff] from following up on the Catherine Rampell’s editorial page regarding a $15* free lunch… Or something like that; however, the tragic and bigoted events in Charlottesville, Virginia, do provide a segue into Ms. Rampell’s take on one Very Specific difference in leadership style [or lack there of] between “Amorica’s” president, Donald J. Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

1. Assumption Day: https ://www .timeanddate .com /holidays /france /assumption

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