14 de marzo (el día del quequi)

Much like a 5th Avenue brat, today America gets to celebrate Pi. Now, the only reason that the hearth of rock-n-roll gets to eat pie today —as a form of celebration, albeit not an official one— is simple, Americans like to buy their liquids in gallons and write the date on their credit cards with this format: 3/14/16.

Timestamp 20h10The next Pi day, under the above scheme, wont come for another Century.

But tomorrow, Americans could very well be getting a second round of dessert because a sector of the U.S. population will be given the chance for a second serving in the form of an Exceptional Cake, which by the way,  series like Fox News always seems to be pitching… Republicans out there in the heartland, just to let you know: the kitchen is running low on cake.

Go ahead "Murica" eat your cake.

In Mexican politics, the world of wrestling becomes an idiom.  This is  because  “the show” or “the spectacle” is always fixed before the gifts at the “events” are even handed out to the electorate. Each individual gift usually consists of a sandwich (un lonche) and a bottle of Pepsi ( y una pecsi). And so, after every election, after every reform, after every political event the saying goes: Lo único que es verdadero en México: es la Lucha Libre. In France, the word for Wrestling is: catch.

Go ahead “MURICA eat your cake and mix your WWF-Nitro-WcW Wraslin’ with your Politics.

Go ahead “MURICA set another standard and make The Men In The High Castle a reality.

Go ahead, “Entertain” the rest of the world with [our*] exceptionalism.

* Disclosure: as a former U.S. Army soldier, i too contributed to that exceptionalism that i so often criticize —i guess that makes me a hypocrite in the land of the FREE, which in the 1980’s [i believe] allowed Hollywood the freedom to give us an updated clone of Sammy Davis Jr. swinging sixties gang: the brat pack. I still believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, i just refuse to live with an exceptional filter in front of my eyes.

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