Happy Cake Day. | Watch that space.

… Coming up:
Existential reckoning“… and bullet-proofing your blogging experience.

por: Armando Segovia

Happy Cake Day! — Watch Those Spaces

Fair use of one each: History signal. | Fair use of media. Vía: Bing, MSNBC, IMDb… and of course, YouTube.

Meanwhile, back at 3rd Rock data [mining] got serious:

TARGET smart

Fair use of early voting data and MSNBC… Thanks!

Make or brake day.

Fair use of media.

Fair use of media. | Thank you Mr. Peacock. Really. Thank you. and Make Dish Deliver.

“I know you can see me but here’s a surprise.”:
The Who‽‽‽

The Jimmy Fallon Show—of course.

Today’s scope is no joke… and now Back to Aguascalientes.

Uso justo de los anuncios en una calle de París.

Uso justo de los anuncios en el subsuelo de una calle de París. | Metro Line 3.

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