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🎶 All I need is a pint a day

F-35, Drones, and all of the $23 POINT 37 billion package–lobbying made by the Trump “inaugural committee” is a-go. Because, Fuck Yemen. Just like Cuba, right? And yes, goD bless little fucking Havana, i guess. Semiotics has got to invent a form of messaging for this level of hypocrisy

Öüï begins in Spain, where lawmakers there have agreed on a final DRAFT for what Umberto Eco would sure have approved —if Knot— called it himself “Ley de Memoria Democrática”, which it is fucking supposed to cure the Cancer of Alzheimer on “la Falange” del Primo de Rivera, not Diego—Pablo… A Pint-a-They, “a–they”.

It is incumbent on the word processor fellow responsible for this paragraph (Mí), to inform the non-reader of this particular wordpress blog (Ewe) that number one, i haven’t a fucking clue on who the caricature below is supposed to represent; number two, at the time when the eavesdrop was ah-happening, the fellow below ⬇️ was probably eating Nutella™️ crackers at SciencesPo while his current boss was eating mole con doña Gaviota en Cuernavaca… What a Difference A They Makes (re-arrangement for mariachi) :



And, Señora Carmen Lira-n-Roll Saade, please relay to the Hopscotch Crew at GRANMA and of course, doña Vilma Fuentes en La MAUB that, ÖÜÏ is no longer covering the bases on the good side of that fucking WALL in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Los de la rayuela, however, Señora Lira, could perhaps maybe try with the performance crew of morenafrancia en La Asociación de Gilberto Bosques en París.

Well, i done told y’all that I’ve never been to Spain. Gawd Damn It! • ¡Más FRANCO ni los gallegos, májete.

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