sEgovie not Segovia, bartolomE not Bartolomé


Pleased to meet you…

1918 – Russian Revolution: Bolsheviks executed Tsar Nicholas II and his family at Yekaterinburg.

And, Madame Hidalgo… “isn’t anybody going to help that PO’h Man, Bam-Man Watta Bam-Bah! —_*¡*_— Eye said it once, and AY! Says, IT! A-gain the rEgie thinks that he has an imagination… the RéGIE DOESN’t. 🛶 Eye calls this snapshot: Grafiti EnSabHanado. 

“Are we supposed to google in the solo”

🎶 And the colored girls go:

That depends, Stephanie Ruhle.


Eye means, it depends if little “Frida Sophia’s” FAKE sobredosis de Cemento means anything to Ewe, I mean, Stephanie Ruhle, ‘member that very real anguish that you felt upon seeing all of that rubble on the kids?


Now i know That Camus said this, but under the circumstances (in real time, not after half of The Vatican relocates to La Argentina after the Parisian Velodrome incident), i think that i am saying this best: … “ context for The American Priest in Paris, follows », even if Saint-Eustache has a hair up their EAR DRUM 👂🏼. Hiccups for freedom!




https ://elpais .com /mexico /2021-07-14 /condenado-a-208-anos-de-prision-el-director-de-obra-del-colegio-rebsamen-desplomado-en-el-terremoto-de-2017 .html

Let It Be Sympathy FO’ lumiEr, pues. _*|*_ Last week today witnessed the removal of the statue of Yosemite Sam from the Anastasia memorial in Yekaterinburg, but what this week here to They might be unaware of is that Mr. montes d’Eco here [ironically] got the idea to “coin” the term, « l’Ur-facisme » from non other than “el sacerdote rupestre”, primitivo y esencial dijo la hache que por cierto, Carla Bruni, es muda como la de Umberto.

Public Notice. Washington, D.C.


The Reverend Kasie Hunt ceased operations as a pundit and will now operate under the title of Dr. Hunt, M.D… hilarity ensues when Brazilian President gets a marathon case of the HICCUPS.

1945 – Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman, and Joseph Stalin (all pictured), leaders of the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Soviet Union respectively, met in Potsdam to decide what should be done with post-war Germany.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /us /charlottesville-remove-confederate-statue-center-deadly-2017-protest -2021-07-10/

A KINDER Gentler Hitler.

🎵 Killed the Tsars and his ministers
Anastasia (sin anestesia) screemed in pain

And, Pierre, please relay to Clementine that, yes, yes, yes; with sugar on top, —La Tour Eiffel est lA.

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