Last month to They… tonight! I am going to phone it in

Ladies in Gemini, eschatological indigestions are kicking our ass our [energy is spent] but lucky for us, La Semana en el ojo que Philippe Labró is just catching up with yesterday’s tidbits and insignificant trivia which provide a sort of, kind of, almost segue into the known knews.

Witt that in M.I.N.D. please note that the following I TOLD YOU SO files are rendered with a time delay factor of April’s fool.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/11/29/🎶-whippit-good/

I told you back in November about a growing trend in the chic district of Scarlett Johansen, it took four months for the Direct matines to feature a police public relations bulletin, the ironic part is that the trash can on this snapshot was captured by segoviaspixes in front of the Sciences Po school of journalism… and now you know, how investigative journalism works in France, the police give you the tips when the seams have already burst .:. B3C05B30-A4E5-487F-930C-22FB8B53E370 .:. For context, please check out the link below ⬇️ of N° 2583 of CNEWS Matin; vendredi 26 mars, 2021: HARO sur le gaz hilarant.

“Si yo fuese Maradona”, Manu Chao…

It was just a hunch, that’s all.

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