God Bless The Queen – Six Hours

Told y’all there would be a Swan Song and some horizontal hypercubing…

Ladies in Gemini, the staff of what used to moonlight as “a most non-consequential blog” is happy to announce that I am Sí–Rius, and Colin Jost is Not.

IT IS WEEKEND EDITION, in•DEED, Colin, and Eye Can See For Miles and Miles!

Just Like 🇬🇧, said the WHO?

—19h five Hours until After Midnight, meanwhile in London, those fuckers are an hour behind! Someone please relay to Boris that if he doesn’t Ketch-up! Madness is going to SetTLE in and Boris will not be able to eat his fucking pudding.

— 20h Fou’ Hours to go and Öüï has to go. Eye is Sí-Rius, the mall guards want to go home, jeez-whizz, those fucking shoppers.

Still to come, the Nine o’Clock hour in CET, 20h in Meangrinch Time

Now, Mesdames y Missouri, just wait ’till y’all hear with your lying eyes how the WINGS episode was produced, of course, without the camera footage it would be like trying to explain how Kate made it into a Tears For Fear video, eh?

Until then, enjoy another angle of “The Situation”, this particular one is the launchpad angle at the Letter S, ese (punto y coma) please be aware of the way that our infra-heat-seeking device registers the effect that blue has on gold when cinnamon is mixed into the Scene.

The 11th Hour follows, but i know nothing about that, except for one thing Mr. Wonderwall… check it out, Johanne, you probably think that this (particular portion of the trip) is about you, Sin Embargo, the palm trees that flank La Rue du Cinema, which connects the recently re-branded Forum at Les Halles-es underground rotunda with the just power-washed AGRO Bourse de los Medici’s, will cue-you in to what remains of the observatory at the Hôtel de Soissons, WHICH should Clou–You–In to the fact that we select neither las ancas del caballito negro en el Carrusel de Hidalgo, ni la columna a la salida del nivel –3 de la ya muy mencionada Porte du Louvre (Paris Centre).

Des inscriptions historiques retrouvées dans la colonne Médicis

If you get lost just ask the piggly-wiggly host and/or bouncer smacked between San Eustaquio and Salma Hayek’s husband new monopoly®️architectural token for directions.

🎵🗣 What’s The Story Morning Glory .:. 24751C35-2D1D-4E9F-962D-55513078617E 🇬🇧

Happy New Year.


Over at BFMerTV Central Elaine is Back in Black

Aussi, à París the Météo remains at-large breaking levees and bringing down (possibly) the snowflakes this weekend to ring-in 2021. Y por si sobraran Azules en France, San Silvestre será La Noche de 100,000 chotas hexagonales… or Something like that.

*… [B]ut only when Eye lays you down to the side (landscape/ horizontal position) on your website .:. 52959E7A-0931-4BCE-93F2-1974219E2BCF .:. BUT WAIT—D.A.R.E. is MOORE .:. 7F2FFD7B-2A82-46D4-9CC5-E3AC75DBC1DC 🗣 Knot only does your Blue Stripe cutoff the area where the “news ticker” used to go, the little frame on the bottom right of my gadget screen is sacrificed to overcompensate for “the brand”, Elaine Jeannine—Genie—You.

ISSY, over at “La Poissonnerie”, catty-corner to BFMer Central on la rue ELIANE Jeannine-Garreau, Led Zeppelin is doing a cover of the B-52´s Rock Lobster, and in Landes, The B-52’s « en revanche » are bringing The Levees Down, down, down, … Down… 🗣 here comes The BIKINI WHALE!!!!

Preliminary reports suggests that Florence Cassez kidnapped 2nd Runner-up for the Publivores Award for 2021, and the Météo now suffers from Stockholme disease, holmes!

In New York, New York, Catherine Frot just closed the 11th Hour and another Eve of yet another Century, and Öüï could Knot think of a better femina to do so, considering that Chris Jansing witnessed the first crater being blasted To The MOON, Alicia!!! TO THE MOON!!!

In Hilo, Hawaii, our Number Thread is on Track upping the Sum of All u.s. COVID19 related deaths to 341 times 1000 Bell Tolls at the Saint Patrick Cathedral.

20 de julio, 2016 | Efeméride en Luna Llena

TimeStamp: last minutes of the 1am hour in Central Europe.

As September* plays in the background of the Quicken Loans Arena, the following:

En términos oficiales, a Donald Trump solamente le falta librar al el llamado ‘colegio electoral’ de los Estados Unidos para que el nacionalismo ocupe la Casa Blanca; la de los ‘American Curios‘ — no la casa blanca de las telenovelas…[context follows].

Earth, Wind & Fire.

Alaska and the drama… GOP celebration gets an unscheduled 'INTERMISSION'.

Alaska and the drama… GOP celebration gets an unscheduled ‘INTERMISSION’. | Fair use of Aljazeera’s coverage.

Officially, Donald Trump’s candidacy starts on a Full Moon… 4 Full Moons untill Tuesday, November 8… Bonus, Bonus, BONUS: insignificant side show scheduled for September 16, which is Mexican Independence Day, on that night depending on the cloud coverage in your area the lunar cycle will welcome an eclipse.

El circo al otro lado del charco. | Uso justo de los medios. [Credits follow].

El circo al otro lado del charco. | Uso justo de los medios. [Credits follow].

“… it’s all just bits of paper flying away from you”¹

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