God Bless The Queen – Six Hours

Told y’all there would be a Swan Song and some horizontal hypercubing…

Ladies in Gemini, the staff of what used to moonlight as “a most non-consequential blog” is happy to announce that I am Sí–Rius, and Colin Jost is Not.

IT IS WEEKEND EDITION, in•DEED, Colin, and Eye Can See For Miles and Miles!

Just Like 🇬🇧, said the WHO?

—19h five Hours until After Midnight, meanwhile in London, those fuckers are an hour behind! Someone please relay to Boris that if he doesn’t Ketch-up! Madness is going to SetTLE in and Boris will not be able to eat his fucking pudding.

— 20h Fou’ Hours to go and Öüï has to go. Eye is Sí-Rius, the mall guards want to go home, jeez-whizz, those fucking shoppers.

Still to come, the Nine o’Clock hour in CET, 20h in Meangrinch Time

Now, Mesdames y Missouri, just wait ’till y’all hear with your lying eyes how the WINGS episode was produced, of course, without the camera footage it would be like trying to explain how Kate made it into a Tears For Fear video, eh?

Until then, enjoy another angle of “The Situation”, this particular one is the launchpad angle at the Letter S, ese (punto y coma) please be aware of the way that our infra-heat-seeking device registers the effect that blue has on gold when cinnamon is mixed into the Scene.

The 11th Hour follows, but i know nothing about that, except for one thing Mr. Wonderwall… check it out, Johanne, you probably think that this (particular portion of the trip) is about you, Sin Embargo, the palm trees that flank La Rue du Cinema, which connects the recently re-branded Forum at Les Halles-es underground rotunda with the just power-washed AGRO Bourse de los Medici’s, will cue-you in to what remains of the observatory at the Hôtel de Soissons, WHICH should Clou–You–In to the fact that we select neither las ancas del caballito negro en el Carrusel de Hidalgo, ni la columna a la salida del nivel –3 de la ya muy mencionada Porte du Louvre (Paris Centre).

Des inscriptions historiques retrouvées dans la colonne Médicis

If you get lost just ask the piggly-wiggly host and/or bouncer smacked between San Eustaquio and Salma Hayek’s husband new monopoly®️architectural token for directions.

🎵🗣 What’s The Story Morning Glory .:. 24751C35-2D1D-4E9F-962D-55513078617E 🇬🇧

Happy New Year.


Entre el medio — Roquefort

In Persia and The Mesopotamia it’s  07  08 hundred hours, and in Babylon TWO it’s the  11th   12th Hour on a Civilian’s anchor Rolex.

Sur un plage

Sur un plage .:. 3DD3005A-E1DC-4931-9A52-5B8E0257305F 🗯 Sur un plage, deux grains de sable se promènent, uno le dice al otro: mais que nada, don’t look back! I think that öüï are being followed. 🃏 BLAGOUNetas courtesy of the BODY BAG (wrapper) of a CARAMBAR “mystery” edition War… scratch D.A.T…. CARAMBAR “mystery” edition BARR.

And in Paris, to celebrate the sound of metals in the Sky, and the arrival of ArmagedDon Trump[ets], the Church of Saint Estauche at Les Halles is having their yearly “Pig’s Feet” onion soup after mass (11h30’ish) on Sunday; France’s most celebrated cheese will be available à ‘Volonté’ at the bottom of the bowl. Event open to all.

Sponsored by Vilma Fuentes

Sponsored by las Fuentes de “El Extranjero” de doña Vilma y, Au Pied De Cochon .:. D686E4B8-3021-4EA1-BF93-A4F798BBB548 🐽 “Moraleja: nunca se desconfía bastante de sus editores,” dice este enlace: https ://www .jornada .com .mx/2020/01/08/opinion/a06a1cul

El Extranjero 60 años

Over at the Rockefeller Center, The Rainbow Room is working overtime as the 11th Hour goes into overdrive and cablecast a 2nd hour of the BriWi report as they [the American Networks] wait for word from a now napping Donald Trump on what his —and only His… and Mike Pompeo, and Mike Pence, and VLAD’s— response to a missile attack on American Idiots [called G.I. Joes] and a fallen Ukrainian Big Ol’Jet Airliner in I-RAN will BE.

Shop Gnow!!!

You are entering into a dimension of cash register sounds and signs with up to 70% off the retail tag .:. B3E9734F-9709-4E45-BE2A-740FC5929932 🛍 Do not adjust your apps.

BTW: Happy BirthDAY Fip... you fucking, Siren you. Just wanted to put this here while YOU StRIKE.
https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20200108 "La Quinta"

Efeméride: 1971, French President Charles de Gaulle takes time from the Pantheon where he was transmitting from a Galaxy far-far away* to descend on La Seine and pop the Champagne on them Sirens maiden voyage onto the WAVES. GIVEN THE DISTANCE, the CNEWS matines are just receiving the SIGNAL, however, because the French have yet to invent the Wave Decoder, all that they will be able to make out of it, is a Quiet Riot that transliterates to ‘Cum on feel the Noise, or something like that… https ://www .cnews .fr/monde/2020-01-08/espace-lorigine-dun-mysterieux-signal-radio-localisee-dans-une-galaxie-proche-de-LA


High-Noon in Central Europe Time

Dear, Jasmin V, the “Markets” at la rue de Rivoli (p. 633) are fine, as the French capital of the world woke up to the yearly back–to–work SALES Event. Transnational shops with made in Taiwan sweatshops tags began to see the franciliens inside stores as soon as the “bell” rang at Oh–nine hundred hours. As La Jornada mexicana reported earlier in the programming: The Water is Fine.

18h30 in CET Update

The Water is Sooooo Fine, that former President Barack Obama paid for the Ocean Front Property in Central Irak. And if you Buy THAT at 150 billion dollars you get a grain of S.A.L.T. for your Rice, the good Rice, not the Wallace cupboard ConD.O.L.E.esa Rice. That’s one grain of salt, Suzi, and if you call now you get a NO SUBROGATION CLAUSE for them 80 dead Americans en La Playa, “oh–Oh–oh Oh-oh”.

ESPN Wraslin'

ESPN Wraslin’ .:. 2C996E8D-CD38-4C85-8D08-488E5DF43BA6 🤠Wrestling classics: The Iranian Sheik vS. Rodney “Roddy” Pipper… It’s The “Happy Win” for the pipper; as usual, the Sheik eats it up. Andre The Giant narrates.

Meanwhile in Paris, Jupiter’s moons have adviced the big One to not get involved in the pickle between Dumb-ass Trump and the State Television in I–Ran.

In other news, the Fed’s wife is looking Hot in Blue,  Alan GREENspan is going to have to look out, Eye just bought an Ocean Front Property in Central I-Rak… Öüï have it on good authority that the fed’s wife would make a purrrrrfect Senior Harem correspondent for Eye’s new Cable News Racket; sources close to the ocean front property in central Eye-rac reveal that Eye is going to bank on the wave of presidential political ads between The current president of them United States and the former Mayor of Babylon TWO.

And over at Fip Central Station, “el” Niño Luc just returned from a 70% off, 30-day vacation at the beautiful ocean front property beaches of Timbuctoo. And if you happen to have noticed that I-Rak’s situational map looks like the long lost sibling of Mal-i, you too, motherfucker, get a Grain of Salt; the bad rice, the ConD.O.L.E.esa variety of Rice for your “Album” of the W.E.A.K. —CALL GNOW!!! And you will also get tickets for a granny-style House Party.