Over at BFMerTV Central Elaine is Back in Black

Aussi, à París the Météo remains at-large breaking levees and bringing down (possibly) the snowflakes this weekend to ring-in 2021. Y por si sobraran Azules en France, San Silvestre será La Noche de 100,000 chotas hexagonales… or Something like that.

*… [B]ut only when Eye lays you down to the side (landscape/ horizontal position) on your website .:. 52959E7A-0931-4BCE-93F2-1974219E2BCF .:. BUT WAIT—D.A.R.E. is MOORE .:. 7F2FFD7B-2A82-46D4-9CC5-E3AC75DBC1DC 🗣 Knot only does your Blue Stripe cutoff the area where the “news ticker” used to go, the little frame on the bottom right of my gadget screen is sacrificed to overcompensate for “the brand”, Elaine Jeannine—Genie—You.

ISSY, over at “La Poissonnerie”, catty-corner to BFMer Central on la rue ELIANE Jeannine-Garreau, Led Zeppelin is doing a cover of the B-52´s Rock Lobster, and in Landes, The B-52’s « en revanche » are bringing The Levees Down, down, down, … Down… 🗣 here comes The BIKINI WHALE!!!!

Preliminary reports suggests that Florence Cassez kidnapped 2nd Runner-up for the Publivores Award for 2021, and the Météo now suffers from Stockholme disease, holmes!

In New York, New York, Catherine Frot just closed the 11th Hour and another Eve of yet another Century, and Öüï could Knot think of a better femina to do so, considering that Chris Jansing witnessed the first crater being blasted To The MOON, Alicia!!! TO THE MOON!!!

In Hilo, Hawaii, our Number Thread is on Track upping the Sum of All u.s. COVID19 related deaths to 341 times 1000 Bell Tolls at the Saint Patrick Cathedral.

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