Cotejado… Ilusionismo y Encuentro: México Ficticio

TimeStamp: 18h20 with a 16 Beat in Central Siren Time

“… Eventualmente Salvador Dali, quien también visitó México, respaldaría a Breton, advirtiendo que jamás regresaría a este, un país más surreal que sus pinturas.” Según masdemx (punto) com, en: El día que André Breton declaró a México el país más surrealista del mundo or YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

∴ and of course, context follows, Morena de mis…

Breaking the NEWS:
She’s back. Our favorite Ho is back
Our favorite bitter seed–digging FOX News “Hoe” is back.

She’ got a new end of episode send-off:

This hoe doesn’t need a laugh track or ‘aplausos’ everytime that she speaks truth to power… amen for that, but Sarah, if Ewe don’t return my “abuelita’s” bedroom back to our childhood memories, we [the staff] are going to have to throw “the chancla” your way, eh… You can go ahead and keep “el nopal” because you are La Única Tuna that we [the staff] want.

 “Get in the ZONE”… or something like that!
Come on to me.
If you come on to me, will I come on to you?
Heck; i reckon we could get Jimmy Fallon to shimmy around for us at homeplate…
or not.

Frequency hop…

The following must be read in a Clint Eastwood voice dolin’ out protocols and instructions to a guy called Sully, —playing the role of Tom Hanks:

No Country for a Sully… anygüey, Capitán … you know who is ALWAYS HIRING people with big decisive fucking cojones like yours? El Narco, that’s Who: MÉXICO, MAGIA Y ENCUENTRO!

“You feel lucky, punk?”
[perhaps You feel special]
Fuck You because you work in Mejico.
What? Did you expect a Medal?
Call the French. They give those suckers away.

TimeStamp: After midnite.

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