Coming up on The Ozarks… Season 2, episode 5

En este capítulo, Cousin Joe meets the neighbors and Mika recognizes an old “Lazy left eye” sorority sister.  Hilarity ensues when the neighbors decide to celebrate Maine’s decision to nominate judge Brett Kavenaugh to the Supreme Court, and extend an invitation to the soon–to–be hitched pundits to a Plague Doctor’s Mask Ball.

TimeStamp: 20 after Two on The White Night of 2018.

La Otra Zara

That fucking GAP, ZARA.

The following is a PSA
when it affects the BoBo’s
… by Sarah Moroz
from the MIMICRY files

Ruka y Xica… uso justo de todas las Sarahs.


It’s a Mother Mary weekend edition…

Santa eres María entre todas las mujeres, etc., etc., etc… pero de paso te pedimos aquí en la Tierra que le digas a San Jorge Bendito que por favor amarré a todos sus animalitos, con ese su un cordón bendito.

CNEWS [RUSH] edition 2112. Context follows… TimeStamp 23h33 hrs. in CET

Dear Luke (Mark) Skywalker (Hamill),

The man below (wearing the stupid red hat) is actually part of a very dark side, Catholics all over the world refer to this order as the Opus Dei, and Hispanics, as in those from la Península Ibérica, not the Hispanics designated by the U.S. Census Bureau, often link these dark ages INQUISITION minded fellows as card carrying members of El Yunque… a sort of K–K—Klanish extracurricular activity for the Catholic Right.


El yonke de El Yunque… Redirected via Reddit.