Hoy no hubo noticias, with the exception of…

Joe and Mika are back from Punta Cana, yeah buddy! They spent a week at the Honeymooners sweet.

Along with Faul Macca, a.k.a. “the one and only Billy Shears,” and with bad rock and roll crooner, Jimmy Buffet, the two media darlings returned to Babylon Two… returned to New York City a married couple.

Yes, Indeed, yes indeed! You can put that on the résumé of the GOP’s polishing duo who, among other secret organizations also happen to be favorite among the swinging fellows over at The Council on Foreign Relations and the patrons and alumni of the University of Alabama’s favorite redneck riviera hang-out, “The Fish House”.

Cousin Joe and Mika went to Punta Cana, en La hermana República Dominicana, to spend a week in bed and recreate the X–Rated PORN PARODY Iconic Amsterdam’s Hilton “Lennon–Ono” bed-sittin’, Just–in–Time for the 50th Anniversary release of Charlie Manson’s favorite Beach Boys Album: White Wedding… or something like that.

And Live, From New York:

One of, IF NOT, the Man Responsible for all the covert wars of the U.S. of A. in the past 50 years is Dead.

Yes Indeed, yesssss INDEED.
“Read. My. Lips.”: No New Panama Invations, and No New Cuckolds like Henry Kissinger, who along with Donkey Dick Cheney were in charge of “the Rice” throwing ceremony, but since Susan, the piano player forgot the rice, all that Henry and Dick could throw, since them two had come already, was to throw Pearl Jam from the gobblets of Nirvana as the Garden was filled with Sound from the band that gave you WOULD… wood; Alice, the band that gave Ewe wood, not Alice, the one in Chains, that segment of the imagination was held on Friday, when Very Special Guests, Vladimir Putïn and Mohamme bien Salami were spotted High-fiving Supreme Justice Kavenaugh.


TimeStamp: veinte para las diez CET

Down in a Hole, follows…

Faltan veinte para la Once en Central NATO Times, and Morning Joe, pariente, —starts right Now, with the Red Rocker leading the way. Can you believe that the ol’rusty fucker still can’t ride 55. Oh, the humanity.