It’s A Small World After All — ••• Matt 19:24

5 Theys To Go, on Deadline… And who ate Gilbert’s GRAPES 🍇 in Arizona?



Now, PanCake Pete, you might know who cracked that Egg in Arizona, but do you know WHAT came First? Who’s on NEXT?


⚾ … Never mind (Nirvana) it’s a ☄️ no-hitter in Houston.


Why, Is Where?

Of course you don’t, you people believe that T-Rex 🦖 opened up for Nazareth 🇮🇱.


Cousin Joe, Eye has seen SECRETS IN PLAIN SIGHT, and behold, —motherfucker!


And again (cocksuckers) I say unto you, It is easier for an Elephant (nevermind a camel) to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.


Procurator Buffon’s Ball



… and what’s D.A.T. over D.A.R.E.?


https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Axe_historique_de_Paris


No Fucking Jesus here, only fox’s hoes 📐 — EWE know, the kind that will steal Ewe’r Egg Nest, and those HOES are Évry Ware… Behold ⬇️



The Fox that holds the Egg… If you break it, don’t go crying to your little LaMent(ira) WALL 🧱.



El Jaguar y La Perra Maravilla vS. The NisMo®️Clan

Starring: La Hache de Arthur
Location: The House of The Rising Sun, of course!

TimeStamp: 12 hours in Central NATO Time, in New York, Cousin Joe is doing a Keith Olberman tribute to start the show.

El resplandor en Jerusalem… obalgo así— mas que nada.

Breaking the News:
“There Ewe go again,”…
Right now, Cousin Joe is selling a happy Hollywood ending on The Hill. Sin Embargo, ¡Señora! — Que no le digan, que no le cuenten:
Every American Action Couched Hero knows that happy endings happen in or around The San Fernando Valley, not in Hollywood, land of Fallen Angels, por ejemplo, Raquelito; the goddamned “gipper y su chingada Nancy”.

This segment was brought to Ewe by “Good Íntentions, Questionable Beacons”. Y por eso, “a mi, mis faros…”, à la Distancia.

TimeStamp: 14.20 in Central AutoRoute Time in France.

Breaking the News — Hey Kasie Hunt…

Hey, Kasie Hunt, you look great in gray and that new eyeliner pattern really brings out the best on those windows to your soul, just say’n. Anygüey Kasie H., could you please relay to Cousin Joe that Hoss Cartwright and not “Little Joe” made the BONANZA show, i mean you can probably see the resemblance — Willie Geist appears to come from the same stock as Hoss!

… and now; after a bit of “organized grab-ass“… The News:

Deadly Violence in GAZA as Trump opens Embassy in Jerusalem, true to form LIKE in VIETNAM, “little Donald” excused himself from the opening ceremony and the after party.

The big winner is IRAN and Turkey, and Putin is having the Time of his life. The real loser is World Peace, and according to Andrea Mitchell, some guy named King Abdullah II of Jordan. More to come, as the world is getting ready to see a Pale Horse ride through the Middle East… wait for it, wait.

Page 3:

How do Ewe say $500 million U.S. in Chinese Currency? — INDONESIAN GRAFT that’s how HOSS, and the racket is bleached with the aid of a Cargo Plane load full of rupiahs.

TimeStamp: 1400 hours in Central NATO Time.

Page 6:

1948 was “the birth of a nation“… after the fall of another nation, just say’n Mika, just say’n.

TimeStamp: 4:20 in CET, art in the News follows, on page 9.